Great Rivers Environmental Law Center


Local Podcast Highlights Community Reaction to Great Rivers’ EPA Complaint

The podcast, which features Great Rivers attorneys and community organizers, explores the impact of polluters and what the EPA’s findings mean for the future of all Missourians.

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Great Rivers and the Missouri NAACP Opposed EPA’s Plan to Roll Back Hazardous Emissions from Coal

Regulation of hazardous air pollutants under Section 112 of the Clean Air Act protects individuals, families and communities, especially those of color, from unnecessary premature deaths, asthma attacks, cancer, neurological deficits and heart attacks.  With 68% of African Americans living within…

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Great Rivers Files Comments to Protect Clean Water

Great Rivers files comments about a proposal that would remove protections for at least half the remaining wetlands in the United States.

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Great Rivers Files EPA Comments on West Lake Landfill on Behalf of NAACP

Great Rivers and NAACP advocate for the maximum removal of radioactive waste possible.

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