Great Rivers Environmental Law Center


A little humble bragging about our staff…

We are humbled by the outpouring of recognition we’ve received this year. In reality, our clients, our volunteers, and our donors deserve an award! It is because of your support, your work, your trust in us that we are able to shine, and to make a positive impact on the state and beyond. Thank you!

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Local Activists Work to Restore the Osage River Downstream of Bagnell Dam.

Norm Prenger and his neighbors have been working hard to restore the lower Osage River in Missouri.

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NAACP and Ameren Missouri to Work Toward Providing Affordable, Renewable Energy to Low Income and Minority Communities

Ameren Missouri and the NAACP work together to provide affordable, renewable energy to persons who reside in low income and minority communities.

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16 Years with Great Rivers Environmental Law Center: Tom “Yusha” Sager Looks to the Past and Future as he Retires from the Board of Directors

May Great Rivers continue to be a positive force for our environment.

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Missouri Bans Destructive Commercial Trapping of Wild Turtles

The Missouri Department of Conservation today banned commercial collection of the state’s wild freshwater turtles, in response to a petition filed by Great Rivers and the Center for Biological Diversity.

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Missouri Proposes Ban on Commercial Trapping of Wild Turtles

In response to a petition filed by the Center for Biological Diversity and Great Rivers Environmental Law Center, the Missouri Department of Conservation yesterday proposed a ban on commercial collection of the state’s wild freshwater turtles — following a national trend of ending unsustainable turtle harvesting.

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