Great Rivers Environmental Law Center


Franklin County Residents Speak Against Concrete Plant Near Shaw Nature Reserve at Hearing

A dedicated group of Franklin County residents spoke yesterday at a public hearing regarding a developer’s request to re-zone land near their homes so he can build a concrete plant. Great Rivers has represented a group of citizens on this matter since 2014.

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Thank you to the Employees Community Fund of Boeing for their Generous Support of Great Rivers!

Great Rivers is honored to receive a generous grant of $10,000 from the Employees Community Fund of Boeing to support our work to bring environmental justice to the residents of North St. Louis. These funds will help us continue and…

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Great Rivers Urges DNR to Protect Human Health in Sewage Treatment Plant in North St. Louis

Great Rivers Urges DNR to Protect Human Health in Air Pollution Permit issued to MSD

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16 Years with Great Rivers Environmental Law Center: Tom “Yusha” Sager Looks to the Past and Future as he Retires from the Board of Directors

May Great Rivers continue to be a positive force for our environment.

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North St. Louis Resident And Missouri Department of Natural Resources Reach Settlement To Issue Air Pollution Permit to Mallinckrodt

We are pleased that after two decades, MDNR will finally allow the residents of North St. Louis to comment on air pollution that they breathe and that Mallinckrodt, one of the City’s largest emitters of air pollutants, will have the appropriate permit.

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