Meet the Young Professionals Board

Andrew Bouquet – Membership and Development Committee

Andrew Bouquet joined the YPB in July of 2019. As an attorney and financial advisor with Moneta Group, Andrew brings expertise in estate planning and planned giving to GRELC and can help donors make charitable gifts in the most tax-efficient manner possible. Andrew is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and kayaking in Missouri’s woods and streams. Andrew believes that protecting and conserving our natural resources is important so future generations will be able to enjoy the same opportunities to enjoy nature.

Tyler Thompson Community Outreach, Media, and Marketing Committee

Tyler A. Thompson joined the YPB in October 2019. He graduated from the University of Evansville with a BS in Environmental Science and from the Saint Louis University School of Law with a JD. He currently practices law at M. Karl Hawkins, LLC in the areas of probate, estate-planning, and bankruptcy, and is a partner and writer at Sad Fishe Games, LLC. As an avid environmentalist and former Great Rivers summer associate, he believes strongly in the mission of achieving sustainability and environmental justice, especially in under-served regions.

Dhruv Mitroo – Community Outreach, Media, and Marketing Committee

Dhruv Mitroo enthusiastically joined the YPB in March of 2019. His passions for sustainability led him to volunteer for the wonderful GRELC, where he is currently working on expanding the visibility of the firm. In his view, working as an atmospheric / aerosol scientist for over a decade has led him to believe that there is considerable misconception on sustainability issues, and he hopes that by working with GRELC, he can help raise awareness to the public (and bring expertise in related cases) of the science behind pollution.

Alex MillerCommunity Outreach, Media, and Marketing Committee

Alex Miller is one of the Young Professionals Board’s newest members. Alex moved to the St. Louis area in the fall of 2019, after living in Indianapolis for nearly five years. As lovers of the outdoors, Alex and his wife enjoy spending their free time walking, hiking, running, and biking in Missouri’s public parks and conservation areas. Alex is thrilled to serve on the Young Professionals Board and help promote Great Rivers’ mission of enhancing environmental preservation and stewardship in the region.

Christa Gayle

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