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Fall 2022 Great Rivers Reporter

Spring 2022 Great Rivers Reporter

Fall 2021 Great Rivers Reporter – Challenging proposed Mining Along the Eleven Point River, Confronting Bad Neighbors in the Hyde Park Neighborhood, Gearing up to Oppose Release of PFAS in Southern Illinois waters, Advocating for Envelope Efficiency Measures for Tenants, Organizing to Ensure Lead-Free Waters for Missouri’s School Children, How you Can be More Involved in Great Rivers’ Work.

Spring 2021 Great Rivers Reporter – Reflecting on a Year in a Pandemic, Holding MDNR Accountable, Addressing Lead Contamination in St. Louis Public Schools, Preserving Air Quality in Springfield, and Increasing Electric Vehicle Accessibility.

Fall 2020 Great Rivers Reporter – Defending Communities Against Noxious Facilities, Protecting Missouri Floodplains, Keeping the Big River Clean, Opposing Ameren’s Coal Operations, and more!

Spring 2020 Great Rivers Reporter – Challenging Unsustainable Timber Harvest in Shawnee National Forest, Building the Case Against Cuts to NEPA, Fighting Pollution of the Big River, Opposing Unnecessary Construction of A Natural Gas Pipeline, and more!

Fall 2019 Great Rivers Reporter – Advocating for Coal-Reduction Energy Initiatives with Evergy, Fighting Pollution in the Big River, Negotiating for Affordable and Renewable Energy Sources in Low-Income and Minority Communities in St. Louis, and more!

Spring 2019 Great Rivers Reporter – Fighting Construction of an Unnecessary Oil Pipeline from Illinois to St. Louis and St. Charles County, Joining NAACP in Negotiations to Locate Clean, Affordable Energy in Communities of Color, and Opposing New State Statute Burdening the Acquisition of Land for State Parks.

Fall 2018 Great Rivers Reporter – Saving Sugar Creek, Defending Local Community’s Right to Speak at Franklin County’s Planning and Zoning Commission Hearings, and Challenging State Law Permitting Industry Control Over Missouri Clean Water Commission.

Spring 2018 Great Rivers Reporter – Compelling the DNR to Conduct Strict Monitoring of Radioactive Landfill Discharge at the West Lake Landfill, Ending the Commercial Trapping of Missouri’s Wild Freshwater Turtles, and Spearheading the Initiative Before the PSC to Retire Empire Electric’s only Missouri Coal Plant.

Fall 2017 Great Rivers Reporter – Advocating for the Preservation of Historic Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park, Opposing the Construction of Two Thirty-Five-Feet High Sewage Tanks in Low Income Neighborhoods in University City, and more!

Spring 2017 Great Rivers Reporter – Requiring Mallinckrodt Inc. to Operate Under an Air Pollution Permit After Twenty Years of Unregulated Operation, Holding Cedar Fair Accountable for Violating the Clean Water Act, and Advocating for the “Grain Belt Express:” A Wind-Powered Energy Transmission Line.

Fall 2016 Great Rivers Reporter – Defending Citizen’s Rights to Grow Sustainable Gardens in St. Louis County, Protecting Missouri’s Renewable Energy Law from Restrictive Alterations, Preventing Construction of a 1,200-foot Levee Threatening to Flood Low-Income Neighborhoods in Cairo, MO, and more!

Spring 2016 Great Rivers Reporter – Assisting a Group of Concerned Moms in Their Fight for the Removal of Radioactive Waste from the Westlake Landfill, Opposing the Sale of Sylvan Springs Park, Fighting Misguided Proposal to Build a Levee along the Mississippi River at New Madrid, and more!

Fall 2015 Great Rivers Reporter – Opposing the Construction of a Concrete Plant Near Shaw Nature Reserve, Advising the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to Reject Coal Company’s Proposed Surface Mining Project in Bates County, Fighting Proposed Project to Clearcut Cypress Groves in Puxico, MO, and more!

Spring 2015 Great Rivers Reporter – Advocating for Clean-up and Analysis of Air Pollution in Two St. Louis Neighborhoods, Opposing MDNR Permit Establishing a Permanent Asphalt Plant in Grandview MO, Requiring Empire Electric to Provide Solar Rebates to its Customers, and more!

Fall 2014 Great Rivers Reporter –  Fighting the New Madrid Floodway Project, Revising Harmful River Maintenance and Operation Practices Used by US Army Corps of Engineers, Assisting citizens in Olivette, MO in Amending City Charter Relating to the Development of Public Park Land, and more!

Spring 2014 Great Rivers Reporter – Opposing the Flanagan South Oil Pipeline, Fighting Proposal to Install Surface Mining Facility in Perry County, Preventing Beelman River Terminals from Inadvertently Leaching Salt into the Mississippi River, and more!

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