Great Rivers in the News

The following media stories cover the work of Great Rivers or feature interviews with one or more of our staff.

May 14, 2019: Great Rivers attorney Bob Menees speaks with KSDK about MSD and North St. Louis. MSD burning sewage near elementary schools.

April 25, 2019: KTVO Kirksville: Private Sector and Climate Advocates Find Common Ground on New Wind Farms

April 23, 2019: Op-Ed by General Counsel Bruce Morrison in the St. Louis Post Dispatch

August 23, 2018: Bloomerang: The Anatomy of a Stellar First Time Donor Gift Acknowledgement

May 22, 2018: St. Louis Post Dispatch: Suit filed over state land purchase law

May 16, 2018: Residents halt a proposed concrete plant project near the Shaw Nature Reserve

February 12, 2018: Springfield News-Leader: Bill that could delay state enforcement of water pollution heard by Missouri lawmakers

January 19, 2018: St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Sprawling Backlog of DNR Permits is Winnowing – Maybe Too Quickly, Some Worry

November 17, 2017: KSDK: Did Sprinklers Work in South City Warehouse Fire?

November 16, 2017: KSDK: Why Don’t St. Louis Warehouses Report What’s Inside?

November 10, 2017: St. Louis Public Radio: Environmentalists, St. Louis Residents Aim to Halt Spire’s Gas Pipeline

November 9, 2017: The Weather Channel: Missouri Under Water (What Missouri’s casino industry doesn’t want you to know about the rising costs of climate change.)

October 4, 2017: KRCU: Missouri Conservation Officials Propose Ban on Commercial Wild Turtle Trapping


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