Great Rivers Merchandise

Great Rivers Cloth Face Mask

Help keep yourself and others safe from the spread of the coronavirus while representing your favorite local environmental law center. For a limited time, we’re offering this Great Rivers cloth face mask for free with any gift amount donated to the center. Make sure to include a note in the comments box with your donation that you would like us to send you a mask. Shipping may take up to 2 weeks.

“Save the Bats”

Although often underappreciated, bats provide a wonderful service to humans in pest management. Did you know that a single bat can eat as many as 8,000 mosquitoes or mosquito-sized bugs in just one night? Great Rivers has taken up numerous cases to preserve critical bat habitat from encroaching development.


“Save the Monarchs” T-Shirt

Monarch butterflies can travel as far as 100 miles a day on their annual migration. The species depends on Milkweed plants to reproduce – it is the only plant they will eat as caterpillars! Great Rivers has represented citizens to ensure their right to grow vital garden habitat for these beautiful visitors.


Great Rivers Coffee Mug

Show your support for environmental protection with your morning coffee. Our mug features Great Rivers’ logo on one side, and a quote from our Founder on the other:

“The environment can’t protect itself… somebody’s got to do it!”


Great Rivers’ Merchandise can be purchased by calling Linden Mueller at (314) 231-4181 or by emailing

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