You’re putting THAT on your house?

Homeowners’ associations impede Missouri clean energy with policies that put aesthetics before sustainability.

In the 2022 legislative session the Missouri General Assembly passed legislation that helps solar energy generation. The new law should deter homeowners’ associations from prohibiting or limiting rooftop solar panels. Like all legal requirements, though, the new solar law is not self-executing. Some homeowners’ associations will comply. Others will not.

Over the past several months homeowners within a subdivision in Platte County, Missouri have reached out to us over the actions of their HOA. The HOA was not complying with the newly enacted law. It had established a policy that roof-mounted solar panels could be installed only at the rear of a home, that only more expensive solar shingles (not solar panels) could be used, and that homeowners first had to obtain the consent of their neighbors to install solar. In April we sued the HOA on behalf of homeowners that wanted to install solar panels. These homeowners want to place solar collection systems on the roofs of their homes to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, to save money, and to help offset the impacts of climate change. We intend to set a precedent for other homeowners’ associations throughout the state. We are at a critical point where aesthetics should take a back seat to clean energy generation.

We need your support to continue protecting homeowners’ rights to reduce their fossil fuel use. Solar panels are a necessity, not a fashion statement! This is one front of many in the battle for clean energy. With your support, we will ensure homeowners have the choice to install rooftop solar panels and provide clean energy for their families. 

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