Earth Day Visitors Share Motivations to Protect the Environment

Thanks to the help of many wonderful volunteers, Great Rivers was represented at community events in St. Louis, Columbia, and Springfield Missouri on Earth Day 2022.
Volunteers shared inormation about Great Rivers’ work with interested visitors to our tables. We are grateful to all who helped. Pictured are our wonderful intern Nicole Switalski and young professional board member Rebekah Helmich.
Volunteers welcomed young visitors to our table to take our nature quiz. Youth who participated were awarded a “Great Rivers Ranger” button to take home. Pictured are super intern Sirapan To-in and board member Dhruv Mitroo.
Visitors of all ages shared why protecting the Earth matters to them. From centering human rights to leaving a better world for generations to come, the reasons people gave were unique – and powerful.
“It is a fundamental human rights issue.” – Madelyn Yoo
“We swim in the river” – Avery Ann Stuertz
“Her”- Colin Dowling and Daughter
“I want a future for my children.” – Michael Berg
“I value biodiversity and the wildlife that enriches my day!” – Ed Bayham
“I’m saving the earth for my grandchildren!! – Marsha Caradine
“It won’t be around forever – my kids would like to enjoy it.” – John and Evelyn Rehg
“I like to live!”
“We are all interconnected – environmental health equals human health! – Katie Iffrig
“It holds life” – Colton
“It keeps us alive” – Kolton
“My children and grandchildren need a place to live!!” – Patricia “Pat” Wolff
“When I get old, the water will be clean.” – Mike Wolff
We greatly enjoyed seeing new and long-time friends on Earth Day. Great Rivers is here for the people and only because of the people of our Region.

Great Rivers Environmental Law Center is a Missouri-based public interest law firm that provides free services to individuals, organizations and citizen groups working to protect the environment and public health. We receive no government funding and rely on donations to sustain our work.

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