Resolution to Increase Solar Opportunities Reached; Advocacy for Accelerated Coal Retirements Continues

Through our Climate and Energy Program, we work to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and encourage cleaner energy. Missouri’s electricity is among the most coal-intensive in the country. Our utilities’ coal-burning power plants are old and lack up-to-date pollution controls, which keep them relatively cheap at the expense of the public’s health and a stable climate. We regularly appear before the Missouri Public Service Commission (PSC) to press Missouri’s investor-owned utilities for change.

Ameren Missouri’s Energy Plan

Before the PSC on Ameren Missouri’s triennial long-range (20-year) plan, we represented traditional environmental advocates – Sierra Club and Natural Resources Defense Council – along with environmental justice organizations the Missouri NAACP, Dutchtown South Community Corporation, and New Northside Missionary Baptist Church.

In June 2021, we reached a joint resolution with Ameren Missouri that addressed many of the deficiencies and concerns raised by our five clients. Included among the solutions is a commitment by Ameren Missouri to continue to identify opportunities that benefit underserved communities through the deployment of renewable resources, efficient electrification, and energy savings programs. Potential benefits within underserved communities will include building envelope efficiency measures for tenants, tree planting programs, job training services, and solar opportunities for low-income communities with workforce development options.

Evergy’s Energy and Electrification Plans

On Evergy’s triennial long-range (20-year) plan, we have intervened for Sierra Club. We’ll be pushing Evergy for accelerated coal retirements. We also spent a chunk of October in front of the PSC on Evergy’s plan to electrify transportation, representing Sierra Club and Natural Resources Defense Council. We generally support the electrification of transportation, which is a way to get off our oil addiction and clean the air.

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