Cleaning Up the Hyde Park Neighborhood

In our Environmental Justice program, we work mostly in Missouri’s urban spaces where there are few, if any, wild spaces. Still, the land there is every bit as precious to those who call it home.

For far too many years an industrial facility in the St. Louis’ Hyde Park Neighborhood has been using parcels of property for what appears to be an unpermitted junkyard. The properties often are littered with trash. They create drainage issues and other problems for their neighbors. In the past, we have asked the business to abate the nuisances, but they have continued undeterred. For too many years now, the properties have presented a threat to the health, safety, and well-being of neighboring residents.

The Hyde Park Neighborhood Association of North St. Louis works hard to improve the quality of life in the Hyde Park Neighborhood by combatting forces that contribute to decreased housing values, criminal activity, and promote disinvestment from their community. It has asked for our help on this one.

In mid-September, we gave formal notice of the nuisance conditions and of our intent to seek relief in court to abate the nuisances.

Great Rivers Environmental Law Center is a Missouri-based public interest law firm that provides free services to individuals, organizations and citizen groups working to protect the environment and public health. We receive no government funding and rely on donations to sustain our work.

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