President’s Letter

When it comes to environmental protection, Congress may be stuck at the moment, but there is no slowing down at Great Rivers.

From protecting Missouri’s special wild places through our Sustainable Lands Program to protecting communities in our built environment through our Environmental Justice Program, we press ahead. We race to confront threats to our waters and to the air we breathe. With urgency, we work to decrease carbon emissions and transition to clean energy through our Climate and Energy Program.

A few weeks ago, we were able to gather in person with many of you for the first time in two years. We gave thanks to two long-time Great Rivers’ colleagues, the late Senator Wayne Goode, and our just-retired Henry Robertson. The handshakes, hugs, and well-wishes we exchanged gave us a great lift!

Speaking of Henry, he speaks out in this newsletter on the Spire pipeline controversy. Though retired, Henry still is working to address climate and energy issues. We also introduce a new voice, Ethan Thompson, the newest member of our Great Rivers’ team.

Bruce Morrison

Great Rivers Environmental Law Center is a Missouri-based public interest law firm that provides free services to individuals, organizations and citizen groups working to protect the environment and public health. We receive no government funding and rely on donations to sustain our work.

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