President’s Letter

What a difference a year makes! Fourteen months ago, the world went virtual, as did Great Rivers. But it was no time for us to go slow. The federal government’s environmental rollbacks were rolling along, one after another.

One year later the wind is at our backs. At the federal level, protecting and preserving the environment is front and center, as is protecting the public health and standing up for environmental justice. The federal government is rolling back the former administration’s environmental rollbacks, one after another. At the state level, we are pushing back hard against the all too often, half-hearted efforts of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

Within our law center, we are coming out of the pandemic as strong as ever. All staff who were with us at the start of the pandemic are with us today, and our work load needs every one of them, and then some! There are urgent needs in all six of our programs.

Our work to protect our lands, air, and waters these past fourteen months would not have happened without you. We always are grateful that you make us go. As we transition back to our downtown office from our home offices, please do stop by to say hello. We can’t wait to see you in person soon.


Bruce Morrison Smiles

Bruce Morrison is an environmental attorney and serves as President of Great Rivers Environmental Law Center

Great Rivers Environmental Law Center is a Missouri-based public interest law firm that provides free and reduced-fee services to individuals, organizations and citizen groups working to protect the environment and public health. We receive no government funding and rely on donations to sustain our work.

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