Great Rivers Environmental Law Center Serves Notice of Intent to Sue to Protect Meramec River from Oil, Grease and Chlorine Pollution

On April 3, 2019, on behalf of Missouri Confluence Waterkeeper (MCW), Great Rivers Environmental Law Center filed a formal Notice of Intent to sue MotoMart for violations of the federal and state Clean Water laws. MCW believes that MotoMart’s own reports show continuous and ongoing violations of the law in that the company discharges E. coli, oil and grease, total suspended solids, and chlorine—into the Meramec River in concentrations and amounts that exceed effluent limitations contained in its permit.

The MotoMart at issue is located in Valley Park, Missouri, nearby to popular swimming and recreation places for thousands of people each year. The pollutants discharged present threats to public health, and diminish use and enjoyment of those waters and the aquatic-dependent wildlife and ecosystems they support. The company’s records show that the pollution has exceeded limits for at least five years.

“The E. coli, oil, grease, total suspended solids, and chlorine, threaten the quality of the Meramec River for people, fish and wildlife that depend on the River for recreation and habitat,” said Rachel Bartels, Director of Missouri Confluence Waterkeeper. “These violations of the law must stop.”

“Discharges from MotoMart have consistently violated and continue to violate the Clean Water Act and present a direct and substantial threat to the water quality of the Meramec River, especially in light of Meramec River’s status as an impaired water,” said Bob Menees, staff attorney at Great Rivers Environmental Law Center.

The lawsuit will be filed in federal court sixty days after the notice is served on the company.

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