5 Reasons Why I Love Clean Energy

Guest column by Dan McFarlane

As we approach Valentine’s Day, those of us with a significant other or spouse are usually thinking of some sort of gesture or combination of things that will show their love and appreciation for their special someone. But all of us can show some love for the environment, and specifically renewable energy sources, and not just on Valentine’s Day. So in honor of Cupid’s day in the limelight, here are a few reasons why I love that good clean energy.

  1. Most obviously, it’s better for the planet! Show mother earth some love, and support solar, wind, and geothermal energy (just to name a few) energy efforts.Piggy Bank
  2. It’s cheaper! We are finding out more and more that as technology improves, the costs of clean energy are going down compared to fossil fuels like the oil industry. Save money on gas and spend it on a trip for two!
  3. Looking specifically at wind farms, some areas of Texas that have relied on oil booms to sustain livelihoods are finding that wind provides a better source of income and brings higher job satisfaction than working on an oil field. If people are happier at work, you can bet they’ll be happier at home with their loved ones!
  4. For the gearhead in your life, electric cars like the new Tesla model are insanely fast and fun to drive! Battery life continues to increase and charging stations are popping up all over, plus who wouldn’t love to not have to yell over the sound of a loud engine as you drive to dinner?
  5. Lastly, we can all participate in this new age of renewable, clean energy. Whether its a solar array on your roof, a geothermal system to heat and cool your home, or investing in a hybrid vehicle, a personal and visible effort can be made to show Mother Earth a little more love!

Have a happy Valentine’s Day and remember that we’re all deserving of love no matter our circumstances!

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Written by Dan McFarlane, a member of Great Rivers’ Young Professionals Board

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