Volunteer Spotlight: Dan McFarlane

Dan serves on Great Rivers’ Young Professionals Board, and has led various committees during his service. Most recently, he led the events committee through the planning and execution of a Trivia Night in November 2018. He became involved as a founding member of the Young Professionals in 2016, because he wanted to work with an environmental non-profit in the St. Louis area.

Outside of Great Rivers, Dan works as a Staff Scientist for ATC Group Services, an environmental consulting firm with a St. Louis branch. He stays busy as a martial arts instructor with the karate school at Saint Louis University, and pursuit of a Masters degree in Environmental Studies from University of Illinois at Springfield to be finished in Fall 2019. Dan is very close to his family, including his grandmother, who is one of his biggest inspirations and motivators in life.

We asked Dan a few questions so you can get to know him better:

Who’s your favorite superhero?
Batman, because Batman is the best, get out of here with Superman.

What was the best compliment you ever received?
Being told by my instructors that me and my co-instructor have done a great job at keeping the SLU Karate school going, after a rough start.

Something you might be surprised to learn about Dan: he loves tattoos.

Thanks for all you do for Great Rivers, Dan!

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