A note from a client on Giving Tuesday

Today is #GivingTuesday. As the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals end, we turn out attention to giving in our community. One of the clients you enabled us to serve this year wants to share how generosity from donors like you impacted him this year. After reading his letter, please consider a donation using the link below!

Everyone should be concerned with public health, no matter where we live.  Supporting people and businesses that take water contamination, land management issues, deforestation and urban sprawl seriously is important.  Great Rivers Environmental Law Center (GRELC) is one example of an organization that puts these topics at the forefront of their mission.  For me personally, GRELC has helped our citizens activist group win an important rezoning issue that could have impacted Sugar Creek Valley located in Kirkwood, MO.

When our grass roots group, Save Sugar Creek (http://www.savesugarcreek.com/), got involved with an important rezoning issue, we quickly learned that we required an organization like GRELC to step in and guide us on how to win our case.  Going up against a Planning and Zoning Committee and then City Council was a daunting task.  GRELC made it very easy for us to develop a clear plan, organize ourselves, and obtain the results we needed to block the potential overdevelopment and destruction of Sugar Creek Valley.

Kathleen Henry and her experienced team were outstanding to work with, supportive of our initiative, knowledgeable of city and state laws, and made it easy to guide our group with full engagement.  Her team not only gave us specific direction on the real impact of overdevelopment, but also provided the legal advice necessary to navigate the City Council processes.  Without GRELC, I am sure we would have been defeated.

Our group has also supported GRELC with important financial donations so they can help others that are facing similar challenges.  GRELC continues to work with other citizens groups, educates state officials on clean energy, and works diligently to protect state parks just to name a few.  Your financial support is important in helping GRELC protect our environment and public health for generations to come. Please consider donating to this important organization because, as Wendell Berry once said, “The Earth is what we all have in common.”


A.C. Marchionne, MS, MBA
Kirkwood, Missouri

To make a #GivingTuesday donation, CLICK HERE.

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