Victory for Save Sugar Creek in Kirkwood City Council – Rezoning that could increase flood risk has been denied.

Great Rivers proudly represents Save Sugar Creek, a citizens group in Kirkwood, Missouri. Last week, the citizens who make up Save Sugar Creek won a great victory. The Kirkwood City Council voted unanimously against a rezoning request that they’d been fighting because it would lead to increased flooding of Sugar Creek, an impaired water body. The rezoning would also set dangerous precedent for any resident who wants to make more money by splitting the owners’ parcel of land into different zoning district. That would allow for more dense development and more profit from selling the land. Great Rivers filed comments to the Kirkwood City Council and spoke at hearings on June 21 and July 5, 2018.

One of the founders of the Save Sugar Creek group, A.C. Marchionne, stated, “Sugar Creek Valley is a special place, filled with life, and unlike any other place in Kirkwood.  We are very grateful for Great Rivers Environmental Law Center for all they did to help us organize and defeat the rezoning request at 1837 Bach Avenue.  And we are especially thankful to members of the City Council and the Mayor for agreeing with our position.  Although this issue is resolved for now, we know that our Save Sugar Creek team members are ready to mobilize for the next challenges, especially since we know there will be more opportunities to save Sugar Creek Valley.”

You can learn more about Save Sugar Creek at:

More information on the July 5, 2018 Kirkwood City Council Meeting is available in new stories from Fox 2 Now and KSDK.

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