Guest Column: Fred the Turtle Has Something to Say

Hi, my name is Fred, and I’m a snapping turtle. I live on the banks of a little pond near Steelville, Missouri, and I have cousins all across the state! I want to talk to you about Great Rivers Environmental Law Center, and how you can help them protect my family and my home.

I’m really excited because Great Rivers was able to get the Missouri Department of Conservation to pass a ban on commercial turtle trapping – this was big news for me and my family! We sleep much easier now, let me tell you! We were seeing a lot of decline in our population – we don’t reproduce nearly as quickly as rabbits and deer! – and now we know more of our children will live to adulthood and we’ll maintain our place in the ecosystem.

Great Rivers has made Missouri a safer place for turtles like me – and we have people like you to thank for that!

When you donate to Great Rivers, you help protect the environment across the state of Missouri and southern Illinois when you support Great Rivers. Sometimes that means helping wildlife like me, or the monarch butterflies that rely on native milkweed plants, which some cities don’t want residents to grow! Your dollars are helping to change those outdated city ordinances. You’re also helping save public parks, reduce air and water pollution, increase the amount of clean energy on the grid, and preserve wetland habitat. Great Rivers provides legal resources to the people who are fighting for the environment, because you make it possible for them to be ready when a call for help comes in!

I’m asking you today if you can please give a donation today to continue to make sure legal resources are available for the local environment.

Giving is easy! Jiust go to and use your credit or debit card.

Thank you so much for your support of Missouri’s environment!

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Fred the Turtle, Friend of Great Rivers


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