Local Activists Work to Restore the Osage River Downstream of Bagnell Dam.

Over the last two years, Norm Prenger and his neighbors have been working to restore the Osage River downstream of Bagnell Dam.  This community has been dealing with severe erosion issues, habitat loss and infrastructure impacts on this section of the lower Osage for decades.   In 2016 Great Rivers met with members of the community and saw the damage caused by the operation of Bagnell Dam first hand.  Land and a roadway continue to slide down into the River.


View of the severe erosion problem along the lower Osage River.

There is renewed hope.  Over the past few months community members have been meeting with representatives of the Army Corps of Engineers, the Lower Osage Flood Control Association, Ameren, the US Dept. of Agriculture, the Missouri Department of Conservation, and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources with the goal of addressing the harm.  We hope these efforts prove to be successful, and we stand ready to help this community if our services become needed.

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