Great Rivers visits Kansas City group

Sarah Willey, Director of Development and Community Outreach at Great Rivers, was the guest speaker at the Monday, March 5th meeting of the Sustainable Sanctuary Coalition in Prairie Village, Kansas.

Sarah speaking.JPG

Sarah Willey, Director of Development and Community Outreach at Great Rivers Environmental Law Center. Photo credit David Martin.

Meeting attendees learned about the attacks on environmental protection currently underway. Regulations in place to protect our resources and health are necessary for a public interest law firm like Great Rivers to function; one cannot enforce what doesn’t exist! We shared how we are working to stop rollbacks where we can (for example, our attorney Bob Menees recently testified against proposed legislation that would weaken the Missouri Clean Water Law), while continuing our work to ensure that these rules are not violated.

Rollbacks of Environmental Protection

Slide presents New York Times data on the environmental rollbacks underway as of October 2017. Photo credit David Martin.


In addition to nonprofits like Great Rivers working to protect these safeguards, Sarah provided some advice on what individual citizens can do.


We thank the Sustainability Sanctuary Coalition for providing us with the opportunity to speak to their members and to make new friends!

If you have a group and would like to talk about having someone from Great Rivers come speak at your meeting, please contact Sarah at or 314-231-4181.


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