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Great Rivers is committed to monitoring permitting actions for sites proposed for development that will unfairly burden minority or low income populations. Great Rivers has evaluated proposed developments to determine whether permitting authorities have unfairly targeted disadvantaged populations. Great Rivers has asserted environmental justice claims against the City of St. Louis and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

Bring Environmental Justice to North St. Louis Project

The need for environmental justice in North St. Louis is pressing. This region is rife with toxic industries that impact the health of its community members. More than 90% of this area’s population is African-American, and a staggering number of families live below the poverty line. The per capita income in the area we are targeting ranges from $7,865 and $10,008 annually. Low-income families and minorities in North St. Louis bear a disproportionate burden of toxicity in their environment as compared to their racial and socioeconomic counterparts. Great Rivers is reviewing permit applications and monitoring reports of businesses along the Mississippi River in North St. Louis.  Some residents lived in the area before the businesses and highway came to it; these residents have unfairly had to put up with these injustices.

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